What I do

If you’re a typical business owner, you started your business because you have a passion. You might find keeping up with the rapidly changing internet landscape a challenge. My job is to create a web presence that will let your business shine, so you can focus on what you do best.

For larger organizations, my alter-ego offers consulting services that include WordPress production and website conversions to meet WCAG 2.0/ Section 508 standards. Learn more about my consulting experience.

Weapons of choice

I specialize in building clean, easy-to-navigate websites using content management systems.

A content management system (CMS) is a platform for managing a website that separates the design, interactivity, and content from each another to make it easier to provide and update content, as well as maintain the site.


My CMS of choice is WordPress. WordPress is an open source CMS (meaning free); you simply obtain a hosting account to give it a place to live. With WordPress, you have full control over the output. You’ll be able easily edit or add pages or post content, as well as upload photos, video or audio files to pages.


I also work with Squarespace, which is a fantastic CMS choice if you want (or need) a little more handholding. Unlike WordPress, however, Squarespace is a hosted solution. This means you pay a monthly fee for the service and hosting. They do have stellar customer service, and an active forum community to answer almost any question you might have. Learn more about Squarespace here.

And the rest …

In the past, I’ve also worked extensively with both Movable Type and TypePad. If your site is stuck in the aughts, I can make updates for you, as well as gently attempt to guide you to update to a more modern platform.

Site development projects are offered as a package. To learn more about what these packages include, visit What do I get for my money?

I also offer…

I can help you with templates for email marketing (as well as the email marketing itself!), e-commerce system setup, custom Facebook page setup (along with other social media), email setup, and ongoing maintenance after your site has launched.

These services are offered on an hourly basis.

Interested in moving forward?

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