What do I get for my money?

For website packages, I charge a flat package price rather than by the hour. Why? Because sometimes I work quickly and other times I’m a bit slow. And I’m definitely a perfectionist, doing my best to make sure everything is at its best.

I’ll interview you about what your goals for your new web presence, make some recommendations, and prepare a well-thought-out proposal for your project. No surprises halfway through, unless you surprise me.

Your web presence solution includes a bunch of basics I feel every site should have.

Web Presence Package Features, Specs, and Details

We know some of you want the details of what you get in your site package. Here’s a list of the great stuff that goes into every web presence I create:

  • A high-quality custom design for your full site (including all interior pages)
  • A “look and feel” that fits your business and your personality
  • An integrated blog that you control; it can be the focus of your site, or used as a secondary feature
  • A handy contact form (no email links here!)
  • Analytics setup and installation so you can view site statistics and track your traffic
  • Importation of your existing blog into your new one
  • Full W3C compliance, as well as other best-practice principles
  • Browser testing for currently supported browsers
  • Quality control testing to make sure everything works as it should
  • Complete installation to your web host server so you don’t have to touch a thing

If the above sounds like a bunch of jargon, that’s ok. Just know that you are getting a web presence that does all the things you need it to.

Here’s the gist: a clean, usable web design that turns heads, standards-compliant coding built for smooth operation, and a perfectly personalized look and feel.

As a bonus, you’ll benefit from many years of experience and expertise, as well as dedicated personal attention. Lucky you!